the art of music

I love thinking about music as an art.  The time, effort, emotion and creativeness that goes into making music leaves me in awe - I totally wish I could do that! I love to listen to music while knitting, sewing, making jewelry - creating anything, really.  I love thinking that the emotions caused by the music go into whatever it is that I'm making, and give that item so much more meaning. 

I also love seeing the different ways that music affects different people.
Right after our honeymoon (literally - the day after we got back) I started a new job working with special education kids at the high school across the street from our house. I was excited - not only was I starting a new job (which was BOUND to be better than my previous crappy job), I was going to be working full time (which, considering the economy, was something I was very happy about), getting state benefits (yay health insurance!!), and I was going to be able to walk to work (almost impossible to do in Athens). Not having any previous experience in special ed, I didn't really know what to expect with the kids. I knew I was in for an experience, for sure. Other than that, I had no clue.

Now, 2 months later, I have a tremendous love for each and every child I work with - there is just something about them that is so genuine and innocent, and I love that. One of the most amazing experiences I have had occurred on a Friday about 3 weeks after I started work. It was the last block of the day, and I was informed that this week the kids would start having music therapy during this block. I was looking forward to it - there are a few kids that are very shy, so I was looking forward to seeing how they reacted.
I was blown away.
I can think of few things in my life that caught me off guard and surprised as much as that first moment when the music started up and I was able to take in the kids reactions. Every single one of them had an enormous grin stretched across their face, they were all dancing, singing and clapping along. The words I write here cannot do any justice to the feelings that are exploding from that room every Friday at 2:15.

Music definitely affects me as well - this past Saturday we went to see The Decemberists, and I decided to take after the kids I work with - just let the music move me.  Who cares how silly I look? Odds are, there are probably tons more people there who look sillier than I do - and it felt oh so good.

This post definitely is a little random and lengthy, but I just really wanted to share that story - thanks for reading!

I'm always up for some new music - anyone got any great bands to recommend??
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