the heart of autumn

So I definitely feel like all of my posts lately have revolved around fall...but what can I say? It's obviously the most amazing season ever, so it deserves the love.

What are my favorite things about this wonderful season? Goodness...where to start? First off, I guess I would have to say that the colors top my list. Autumn is just filled to the brim with the most amazing colors on the planet. Having grown up in the mountains of North Carolina (Asheville), I was fortunate enough to be totally immersed in leaf season every year. And after I went off to college, I was lucky enough to be in an even more beautiful place for leaves (which I didn't think was possible!) - Boone, NC.  I think growing up and going to college where I did definitely impacted my love for the season.

Another thing I love oh-so-much about fall would definitely be sweaters. I know it sounds silly, but I totally look forward to the first night when I have to grab my favorite, most comfortable sweater while sitting out on the porch.

And even though I won't be in the mountains again this year for fall, I still can't help but adore all things autumn-related. Luckily, the mountains are only a short drive!

What are some of your favorite things about fall?

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  1. Definitely the cooler weather! Makes getting out and about so much more enjoyable.