happy thanksgiving!

well, we're here in asheville at my parents house. my older sister and my sweet neice flew in yesterday from minneapolis. my in-laws  (mom, dad and brother) are on their way here right now, and my younger sister lives right down the road.  it's going to be a wonderful few days having everyone packed in the same place! i love my family, and they are definitely one of the things i am the most thankful for in my life. we have a great time together and i am truly blessed! even better -- there's a chance of snow tomorrow night and friday! even if it's flurries -- it'll be so awesome! we plan on spending our evenings having wii tournaments, sitting by the fire (i'll be knitting, of course!), and playing board games -- all while enjoying being in the company of each other!

i would *love* to have some of this to knit with!

i hope every single one of you has a wonderful thanksgiving! what are your plans?
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