finding a use

We took the kids to the public library today, and I took a few minutes to look around the craft section just to see if they had anything that interested me. I must say, I was pretty disappointed, but I did pick up a few knitting books and a book by the founders of ReadyMade Magazine called "how to make {almost} everything".  In flipping through the pages, I saw multiple things that were so neat I feel like I just have to try them (of course I'll probably wait until we're in a house more long-term). There was a cool ceiling fan made out of an old bike wheel - which got me thinking about all the other cool uses there are for bike wheels. Ever seen a spinning wheel made out of one? I have, and making one is definitely on my list of things to do. {Here are some pretty good instructions on building one - i'd love to hear if you give it a try!}

{i love this, too!!}

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  1. that's cool! would love to see that ceiling fan too.

  2. awesome! I love using things for completely different purposes than they're intended!

  3. I'm so coveting that pot rack!