Holiday Crazies

I am having a really hard time accepting the fact that it's almost the middle of December. Where is the month going??

With such a short amount of time left before Christmas, my little fingers are busy, knitting away.  Unfortunately, I'm not making anything for myself or for anyone in my family, but for custom orders.  Right now, I'm working on some local orders, and the last day I'm accepting orders on etsy is the 19th.  We're heading out of town on the 20th for our Christmas break! We're going to spend at least a week up in Charlottesville with Jake's parents, which is always a wonderful time. In the next 10 days, I have to finish:
*one hat & scarf set (scarf is blocking now)
*two custom order hats
*two childrens hats
*one clutch
On paper, it doesn't look like too much, and it probably won't be that bad, but it doesn't leave me much down time - which I need to finish my Christmas shopping. Let's hope it all gets done on time!!

The most recent happenings in my life are the craft fair I participated in this past weekend. As a first time craft fair vendor, I had no idea what to expect. I was so nervous - and really just wanted to make my money back. The result??
I literally almost sold out of everything I had over the two day fair. I am so happy with the way it went! I would like to thank EVERYONE that came out this past weekend to make the entire fair a success. There were over 50 vendors, all who had wonderfully fresh and creative booths. Can't wait until next year!

knitting away!
I hope everyone's having a wonderful Holiday Season!!
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  1. when are you going to open a store? :)

  2. I wish I would have gone to the craft fair.