playing catch-up

I've been pretty absent from the blogging world for the past few weeks and I apologize. There are quite a few reasons - lack of time (lame excuse i know), lack of motivation (this is probably the biggest one), really lack of anything to talk about.

My lack of motivation has been really strange - I've wanted to knit, but I just got tired of knitting for other people.  So....I've been spending my time knitting some bigger projects - either for myself or family. And it's been amazing! First off, I finished a swallowtail just in time for our spring break trip to Destin, Florida. I love it!

Second, I've started on a girasole blanket that will either be a gift for someone in my family, or I might just keep it myself - we'll see! I have to say, I was terrified of this project going into it. The sheer size of it is intimidating, and I've definitely never knitted anything this large before. Now that I'm 4 charts into it,  I've realized it's not that bad. Of course, I haven't reached the lace edging yet, which I know will take forever to do, but so far I'm very, very pleased with the result and the pattern. So, I present to you - my girasole, so far....

As you can see, my needles are getting pretty full, but I'm expecting my 60 inch needles to come in the mail tomorrow, so I'll be able to spread it out a little, which will be nice! So far, I'm loving it, and can't wait to get it off the needles and see it when it's finished blocking!

Like I said above, we went to Destin for spring break this past week, and it was perfect - just what we both needed! Jake turned in the first full draft of his thesis the Friday before we left, so we were able to just relax and not stress out about anything. What more can you ask for in a vacation??!

Plus, we got this view every night off our hotel room balcony! Hope you all have been doing wonderful, and I've gotten some motivation back, so I'll be back more regularly!

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  1. What a beautiful shawl! You must me so proud!

    Love the sunset- I wish we could have one like that here in Maine!

  2. Yay! Love the color of your Girasole- I just finished mine up a few weeks ago.