empty nesters

Jake and I realized today that in just a couple of days our little baby birds will start leaving the nest (usually when they're about 2 weeks old, they start to leave). On the one hand, it's probably good, since they're starting to get a little crowded in the nest (pretty sure when you start sitting on top of your siblings it's time to get a bigger house)

But, on the other hand, I'm seriously going to miss those little guys. Every morning when I wake up and come downstairs, I open the blinds to check on them and make sure one hasn't fallen out of the nest or something. And they're such a source of entertainment throughout the day. Sticking their little necks out when mom and dad come back with food, or just chirping - they just make us both smile. So it's going to be sad when we don't get to see that right out our living room window every day.

We've been joking around that we'll now be "empty nesters" - but in reality, we'll have these two around the house to keep things interesting!


  1. You have to read a children's book titled Albert by Donna Jo Napoli as soon as possible. I read it to my class the last few days of school and We enjoyed it and seems appropriate for your situation. =)

  2. These photos of your cats are too funny! They look like they're full of personality! Have the cats been able to watch the nest? I'm sure they would have been equally entertained by it and sad to see the birds leave also.