Thanks to all who volunteered to test knit! Through twitter, ravelry and my blog, I've gotten tons of offers from generous knitters who all offered to help me out - in just the past 12 hours! I only need a few this time, but I'll contact every single one of you to get your email address for future pattern test knitting if I don't need you this time.

Thank you again!

These gorgeous flowers are blooming in a tree behind our house - couldn't help but take a picture! Reminds me of fireworks exploding in the sky - just gorgeous!

And, yes, I did discover another bird's nest, but it doesn't live at my house - or even in my state for that matter - so there's no chance of me getting attached to the babies and getting bird mites! The coolest thing about this little nest? It was built in a flower pot! So small I barely noticed it!

but, seriously, how cute?

Happy Monday!

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