Looking Glass Rock

Happy Valentine's Day! Although I'm not a huge "valentine-r" myself, I do want to say that I appreciate each and every one of you that read & comment (and those that read & don't comment!) on my little blog. It means so much to me!

Although we didn't really do anything today, we did go on an amazing hike yesterday. We drove about an hour to Looking Glass Rock and started the trek up to the top. Click the link for a picture of the mountain from a distance - it's gorgeous!

We hiked up to the top, which is a bald, rocky outcrop. As you can imagine, the views were stunning.

It was a great hike! The weather has been absolutely gorgeous recently, and I love seeing signs of Spring popping up all over the place.

There's also a gorgeous drive-by waterfall near the trail head, called Looking Glass Falls, so we stopped by for a couple of photos.

I spent this afternoon laying in the park down the street from our apartment, reading in the sun. Feels so good to have sun on my skin!

Wishing you all a wonderful valentine's day - the Avett Brothers put it best - "if you're loved by someone, you're never rejected" - and each and every person in the world is loved by someone, so celebrate it!


  1. @Rebekah it's called "The Help" - my mom gave it to me to read. So far, I'm really enjoying it! But I'm only 3 chapters in :)

  2. So envious that you're seeing signs of spring! All we have here are snow banks and ice slicks... Love the photos of the new growth!

  3. Oh, I read that! My book club did it! It is the best book I have ever read! I hope you enjoy it!