Spring Break

...is almost over... Where does the time go? The beach was a wonderful, relaxing trip. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't as perfect as we'd hoped, but we still managed to relax on the beach and get a little tan, which is always a positive. It's never good to wear a dress and look like you have white tights on.

There was only one morning that it was clear enough to catch a good sunrise, and even then it was a bit foggy, but still beautiful. And I'm not sure what it is about the beach in the morning and dead jellyfish, but they were everywhere.

All those dark blobs? Dead jellyfish. We saw at least 30.

There's not much to do on Edisto Island unless you're sitting on the beach or hanging out in the State Park where we camped. So when it got cloudy and windy, instead of going to the Piggly Wiggly or getting ice cream at the gas station/subway/ice cream shop, we hiked to go see a bit of South Carolina's history. This shell mound is dated from about 2000 BC, and is where Natives would go and throw their "trash". The amount of shells is insane - they're just packed in every square inch of the ground.

One of my favorite things about South Carolina is the spanish moss. Love the color, the texture and the look of it.

Before heading home, we spent the morning in Charleston - but not before stopping by a yarn store, of course! And even though my resolution is to only use stash yarn, I always buy some yarn when we go on vacation. That way I'll have something to remember our trip by.

I decided to try some yarns I hadn't tried before, and I know I'll be glad I did. Always good to branch out a bit! The top is a skein of Ella Rae Merino Lace, which I'm thinking will be a great shawl, and the bottom is 2 skeins of Louet Gems sport weight. I chose these colors because I wanted to get something close to resembling spanish moss, since that tied in with our vacation.

Of course, as we walked out of the parking deck in Charleston it started raining, and we had neither rain jackets or umbrellas. We still had a good time walking around. Charleston is so historic and cool. We both agreed that our favorite things are the alley ways scattered throughout. You never know what you'll find when you walk down them. We walked down one and stumbled upon a graveyard. And, as with most things in Charleston, the graves were really old. My love for ghosts and ghost stories is undying (pun?), and I can't help but be fascinated by graveyards.

Ahhh, Spring Break.... sad to see you go! Back to work tomorrow - definitely going to be a rough Monday morning! Happy Sunday!


  1. BTW, that moss has "red bugs" called chiggers that give red itchy bumps. I've had to get dotted with calamine lotion and take some kind of bath when I was younger.

    What was the yarn store like in Charleston?

  2. JenniferSadler4/20/11, 12:57 PM

    we saw SO many chiggers! luckily we didn't get bit by any of them, but I did
    get eaten up by "no-see-ums" - at one point I had over 70 bites! The yarn
    store was so great, thanks for the recommendation! The ladies working there
    were super sweet, and they had a lot more than I was expecting, especially a
    lot of stuff I haven't used before, which is always cool to be able to see
    and touch things you've only read about before, haha

  3. I figured the fibers would be different on the coast. We are going to Beaufort again tomorrow for Easter. Our anniversary is coming up in June and we are thinking about going to Tybee Island, GA since neither of us has been there. We want to vacation on a coast and Tybee is within 5 hours. I have a rule about how far the destination is. I don't like to spend the vacation in the car traveling. We found an oceanview hotel with balcony a balcony. This will be our last trip before the little one arrives.