Featherweight Cardigan

I was so excited to get started on this project (don't judge me on the start date) last August. It's such a cute cardigan - simple, airy, and perfect for spring, summer and fall. I chugged along, and after a month I had this:

Not too bad, right? Except... notice the color of the sleeve compared to the body. Not the same. The yarns were from the same dye lot, but the colors were definitely not the same. So I put it away for a few months because I was annoyed. I finally picked it back up in March and finished the body.

And now, at the end of May, it looks like this:

I just hated it. It wasn't just because the of the color, either. I wanted it to be longer. So instead of putting more time into something I knew I would never wear, I frogged it. It always amazes me how quick it is to unravel something that took months to make.

But I'm not going to let this get me down. I still love this cardigan and want to make it, just with a few mods. After looking through the (many) projects on Ravelry, I've decided I want to stripe it. And make it longer, and with longer sleeves. So I made a little trip to one of the yarn stores in Asheville to get something to stripe it with. And I just couldn't decide. So I got too much.

I need your help! Here's what I can't decide on - the number of stripes, and the colors to use. I was originally going to do 3 stripes, using the original lavender, the blue and the pink. But now I'm thinking just two stripes will be better? What do you think? And what other color? I want to use the original lavender color, but I can't decide which color goes better with it.

What are your thoughts?


  1.  Awe, what a shame! I love the featherweight & that color purple. I think two stripes could be pretty though too!

  2.  Awe, what a shame! I love the featherweight & that color purple. I think two stripes could be pretty though too!

  3. My first thought would be to make one really loud striped sweater out of the three accent colors you bought. I love the way they look together!  I think it'd look good if you made equally sized stripes in an ABACAD pattern. If you just want to use one other color, I'd go with the blue.

  4. JenniferSadler5/22/11, 3:11 PM

    ohhh that's a tempting idea! although i'm not sure how much i would wear it with the multiple colors. definitely going to add that to the list of options though, thanks!

  5. When in doubt, always go longer.  I never wear the things that are borderline in length.  

    I guess it's wise to call it quits before putting more time into something.  I just finished, then unknit a camisole to retry in a smaller size.  Very frustrating, but if or when I do get it right, I won't regret the extra time.

  6. I don't like any of those colors with the lavender.