Girl Crush

I totally have one. Her name is Jill Andrews, and she's amazing. I was first introduced to Jill through her old band, The Everybodyfields. This band, especially their album Nothing Is Okay, is really special to both Jake and myself, and is always welcome in our CD player. So I was totally devastated to hear that they were calling it quits in 2009. We saw them live numerous times, and they never let us down. They duo has since gone on to create their own individual albums, and Jill's music has been my favorite of the two. We saw her a few months ago in Asheville, and this past weekend we had the chance to see her (for free!) at the White Squirrel Festival in Brevard, a nearby town (yes, there is such a thing as white squirrels). This is when I realized that my love for Jill Andrews goes beyond her voice and music. When I saw her unpacking her van wearing a vintage sundress, adorable blue flats, and carrying an awesome vintage suitcase, I knew then that I wanted to be her. See?

Yes, I realize I sound like a stalker. But I'm not going to get plastic surgery to make me look like her or to gain about 7 inches of height so I can be taller like her (but I totally might get my hair cut like that). I will, however, use her for inspiration to finally pick up the guitar again. I'm sure that it's no coincidence that the first song I learned how to play was an Everybodyfields song. And I will definitely, definitely encourage all of you to check her out.


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