Recent Happenings

I honestly cannot believe October 1st is Saturday. I am, however, beyond thrilled about it. If you need to know only one thing about me - know that I am obsessed with Autumn. I just can't help it. It probably has something to do with the fact that my birthday is in October, but I really think that it has way more to do with the amazing weather, the gorgeous foliage, and the smell of the Autumn air.

With that being said, it has been a while since I've updated and I apologize - time has been slipping away! I've started a new job (yay!), which has kept me busy, and I've also started helping coach the cross country team at my old high school, which has been very interesting. It's helped me get some running in, but has also made me realize that I have absolutely nothing to talk to high school girls about. Hopefully that will change as I get to know them better. I've also been sick, which is no fun. I'm at home today, on my first day of antibiotics, hoping to kick this bacterial respiratory infection I've got to the curb.

I've been doing a little knitting - not as much as I would have hoped, but with work and cross country, I'm often gone from the house for 11 hours, so I'm pretty exhausted when I get home. Most recently, I finished a yummy, warm cowl knit up in some Malabrigo Silky Merino, gifted to me by a dear friend. I just absolutely love the yarn! And the cowl! I'm already planning on wearing it this weekend, when the temperatures drop down into the upper 30's!

I've started a couple of pairs of socks, which are on hold right now because I couldn't help cast on for the Dahlia Cardigan in the new issue of Interweave Knits. I'm past the lace panel, and have joined the right side of the body together, so this picture isn't an updated one, but I wanted to share it anyway. I just think this cardigan is so gorgeous - can't wait to wear mine!

The Blue Ridge Parkway runs right through Asheville, and we can get to it in about 10 minutes, so this time of year is especially amazing to take a morning weekend drive. We've been doing that pretty frequently. It's just something you never get tired of.

Hope you all are enjoying the start of Autumn as much as I am (besides the whole being sick part) - any special knitting projects on your needles?


  1. Sorry to hear you're home, sick. Hopefully the antibiotics combat your illness quickly! I, too, am completely enamored with autumn! I saw the Dahlia pattern up on Ravelry... it's tempting, for sure. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

  2. Erin Archer9/29/11, 1:15 PM

    What lovely knits and photographs!

  3. I love October too! You can drive with the windows down, open windows in the house, and FINALLY wear some of those knits. I can't imagine living in such a beautiful place- my hard drive would be locked up with photos. I'm interested to see how your Dahlia Comes out- looks like you're done with the tricky part. Im making the Dwarven Battle Bonnet right now for my son as a sort of Halloween costume. He's feeling a little old for a real costume.