two is better than one

It's what almost everyone wants - a mate. Someone who compliments them perfectly, brings out their best features, and makes heads turn when they're together. I am, of course, talking about two yarn colors. My first attempt at color work was my fiddlehead mittens, and I immediately fell in love. It keeps the knitting interesting - even if it's just simple techniques - and looks so professional. One of the Christmas gifts I'm working on right now is a color work design, and I love it so much.

Over the past couple of months, I've been doodling on my graph paper, coming up with color work patterns left and right - it's so fun! But really, the best part is selecting two perfect yarn mates - and I've had a great time picking out yarn colors that go together perfectly.

I've said it before, a million times over, but I love everything about Maya's hand-dyed yarns over at Springtree Road. Her colors are just to dye for (oh, puns). These two colors were born for each other. They were also born for me to make them into a pair of amazing tall socks.

These two skeins of Knit Picks Palette are wonderful - I just love the pistachio color, and it's complimented so well by the light blue of the clarity. These will probably become a hat.

These last two are a bit more bold and may not be enjoyed by everyone else as much as me, but I think they're just fabulous together. I'm a HUGE fuchsia fan, and the amazingness of the frank ochre just really sets it off. Plus, who doesn't love Malabrigo's amazing colors? I'm planning on turning these into a sweet pair of mittens.

Once I finish up all my Christmas gifts, I'm going to dive headfirst into a sweet pile of color work awesomeness - and I don't know if I'll ever want to come up.


  1. Enjoyed the read. Good luck with all the projects! By the way, I picked up knitting needles again. I'm knitting Lincoln a stocking! =)

  2. JenniferSadler11/19/11, 8:19 PM

    yay! i'm so glad you got your knitting mojo back :) what a wonderful keepsake that will be for him!

  3. Cassy Dominick11/21/11, 12:45 PM

    Mmmm. This has me craving colorwork now. It's been awhile.