Christmas Roundup

Now that Christmas has come and gone (I hope you all had a wonderful one!), I'm able to share some of the gifts I knitted up for the holiday. As much as I enjoy doing a handmade holiday, I really need to make myself start earlier - I found myself finishing a gift on Christmas Eve!

{click on each photo to go to the Ravelry project page}

First off, I made my mom a couple of different things - a simply garter stitch infinity scarf that worked up in about an hour with some really neat yarn I found at my LYS.


and a pair of socks!
I made my little sister an Owls sweater (I actually started this sweater back in.... FEBRUARY and had plans to give it to her for something else, but it got pushed to the back burner, so I decided it would be a Christmas gift!)

I'll probably end up moving the buttons, since they're on the armpit owl, but we both like just the one set of buttons instead of putting them all the way around.

And lastly, my in-laws moved into a new house last summer, and have this awesome cabin-like living room that they call The Tree House, so I thought this pillow would be the perfect thing to rest on the couch!

I have a couple of other things I've made, but they haven't been given yet, so I'll keep those a surprise!


  1. Love the scarf! That yarn is so interesting. The sweater looks like it fits perfectly, too!

  2. These are impressive gifts- especially a sweater for Christmas! It's beautiful in that color. Did you opt for side or back decreases on it?