Getting Festive

We live in a tiny apartment. I'm talking 550 square feet tiny. Cozy and just perfect for two people and two kitties, but still small. So small, in fact, that we don't have anywhere to put a Christmas tree. And before you say, "well you could put up one of those little artificial ones!", please know that I have Christmas tree rules. They are as follows: it has to be big enough to put presents under, and it has to be real. Fake Christmas trees are for the Grinch (not really, I understand that they are convenient, cheaper and more sustainable, I just don't like them. Don't get mad at me if you use an artificial tree, I still love you!). So instead of a Christmas tree, I picked up a few wreaths from a man in the PetCo parking lot (don't worry, he was legit), and they've added such wonderful holiday spirit to our tiny abode. They smell great, and are really helping me get into the season - we've even hung up our stockings (with care, of course), and put some Christmas lights up around our bookshelves.

I'm listening to instrumental holiday songs on Pandora and have plans to watch lots of Christmas movies in the next few weeks. However, there's one thing I've been doing that really is the opposite of having Christmas spirit. And that thing is not working on my Christmas knitting like I should. I struggle with this every year. I have such amazing ideas for things to make for people, but when the time comes, what do I do? I make something for myself!

My new winter hat! The pattern, Gespeg, by Ariane of Falling Stitches, was a super quick and simple knit - it took me just a couple of days to finish the whole thing. I just love the end result! I used less than a skein of Malabrigo worsted, and it is seriously the softest and warmest hat I own. It's definitely going to get lots of use this winter!

I started working on my Christmas knitting again last night and promise to stay focused this time. I wouldn't want Santa to skip our apartment because I didn't finish anyone's gifts, so I'll be good! Just 20 days left! Hope you're finding the holiday spirit too (and not slacking on the holiday knitting like me)!


  1. I made Lincoln a great felted stocking. We also went to Main Street Yarns for the first time in a year.

  2. Tayler Earl12/6/11, 7:48 PM

    I love the idea of using wreaths instead of a tree to save space.  Nothing is better and more cozy than a pine scented Christmas! As for the knitting-you remind me of how I do my Christmas shopping.  So many things to buy for others, but I still can't resist that perfect something for me! ;)  Happy knitting and Merry Christmas!

  3. JenniferSadler12/7/11, 3:45 PM

    I always justify it as a Christmas gift for myself :) - i give myself many of those throughout the holidays! Merry Christmas to you as well!