Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Just like most of the US, Asheville has had an unseasonably warm winter (it's 61 degrees today!). Unfortunately, that means hardly any snow. We've had a couple of teeny tiny snows - just enough to dust the ground and cars. But when there are little snowfalls here, that means there are bigger snowfalls up in the mountains around us! One of our tiny snows came the Wednesday after Christmas. The next day, our awesome friend Travis and I decided to drive up and hike around on Max Patch, a bald mountain outside of Hot Springs, NC, which is about a 45 minute drive. As we climbed higher, the snow grew deeper, and when we parked, we were surrounded by a gorgeous, untouched winter wonderland.

It's a short hike up to the top, where breathtaking mountain views await (you may remember Max Patch from here and here).

 This is my "I'm loving every second of this but my face is frozen" face

While we may not have too many more snowfalls this winter (who knows?), I'm really glad I got to see the mountains completely snow covered - it's just so peaceful.

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