Bright Blue

I finished my fourth sweater of 2012 the other day, and I think I could wear it every day. The color is incredible, and it's really comfy. Even though I made the size 31, it's a little looser than I would like, which is weird because I was right on with my gauge. If I ever made another sweater like this, I'd probably go down to a size 9 needle to make the fabric a little more dense.

 (How gorgeous is that forsythia in the background?! Spring has sprung!)
The pattern was quick and simple, and could have probably been done within a week or two if I hadn't had a bridal shower to plan and throw.

The yarn I used was Cascade 220 superwash, which was nice, but I found that it was actually a little thinner than regular 220, but I got a bunch of it 50% off at one of my local yarn stores, and who can pass that up? This took less than 3 skeins, so I've got plenty of this great blue yarn to whip something else up.

Oh yeah - I got about 5 inches of hair cut off - it's so much cooler and lighter!

I'm probably just as shocked as you are that this is my fourth sweater in just two and a half months - I've been really enjoying making them! I'm switching things up and started a lace shrug today to wear at the wedding I'm in May 5. After using bulky and worsted weight yarns, lace yarn feels really thin!


  1. How are you churning these sweaters out so quickly?! I love how bright this one is. Very cute.

  2. Gail Dokucu3/14/12, 8:21 PM

    Fantastic color!  And your hair looks great!

  3. It's beautiful! Congrats!

  4. That sweater is SO beautiful! !I love the bright blue, and it looks amazing by the forsythia.

  5. WOW! Your FOURTH! Very impressive! You've got some serious momentum!!!! 

  6. Love this color!  Your haircut is way cute!

  7. That sweater looks so casual and wearable!  My favorite color too!