What knitting?

There has been little to no knitting happening these past few weeks. With the move, and trying to get things unpacked and organized (why does it take so long??), I've had little time to spend with my yarn and needles. Which is too bad, really, because I'm loving the sweater I'm working on right now.

The house is slowly coming together. I'm hosting a baby shower for my sister the 24th, so it has to be ready by then! Here are some snapshots from our new home, which we lovingly refer to as "The Homestead".

If you want to see more pictures, follow me on Instagram (my favorite! you can find me under jennifersadler) or twitter (jaykayknits). I promise knitting content semi-soon...

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  1. Hahaha!  I love the paint-on-the-feet picture!   Your new house looks like it has great light!  Beautiful pix!