Goodbye, Summer

Well summer is over and school has started, which means my days are now filled for 10-11 hours, which unfortunately means less knitting time. But with the end of summer comes the best thing in the world - the beginning of fall! Things are already starting to look like fall around here in the North Carolina mountains. The mornings and evenings are foggy and cool, and some leaves are already starting to change colors. I'm also coaching cross country again this year, which just screams fall to me. Running in the woods, leaves falling all around you, while a cool breeze passes? Perfect.

Since my schedule has been so busy, I haven't been knitting as much as I would like. However, I know that will change once cross country season is over, so I'm still loving looking through all the gorgeous patterns being released (um, the new Brooklyn Tweed fall collection??!)

In other news, I have a new nephew (well, my only nephew)! He's totally adorable, and just turned a month old on Monday.

How are you enjoying the end of your summer? Excited for fall??


  1. Congrats on the new nephew! I'm so in love with the new BT designs, too, and can't wait to start knitting! I hate knitting in the summer, so it's just about time to dive in again!

  2. nice shot of the back porch! so funny how different angles can make a familiar place seem unique and different :)