October Ridge

A little while ago, my wonderful friend Lyndsey asked me if I could make her an infinity scarf based off one she saw on Pinterest. Since the one she liked was crochet, I thought I could find a nice rib that looked similar to the one she saw. The result? A squishy, stretchy, comfy infinity scarf!

As simple as this was, I never once got bored of it. I absolutely love the way that it looks and will be whipping up one of my own - it only takes a few hours and one skein of Paton's classic wool!

And now you can make your own too! I've put the pattern up on Ravelry as a free download for everyone to enjoy! It would make a wonderful gift for the holidays, and seriously could be done in just a few days.

Not a Ravelry member? Download the pattern right here!


  1. MichelleCarter10/16/12, 10:29 PM

    This is nice! Being only one skein, it would make an easy weekend project.

  2. JenniferSadler10/17/12, 6:55 AM

    Thank you! It's definitely a quick knit - I've already started another one!

  3. Jesseca Sleeman10/17/12, 11:13 AM

    I love it! Gift knits, here I come!

  4. Love this! The colour is great too :) lucky friend :)

  5. JenniferSadler11/12/12, 7:25 AM

    Thank you! I'm making one for myself now, it's a quick knit!