A Wee Blanket

I don't know what it is about baby knits. They're so cute and small! A former coworker is having a baby boy in just a few weeks, so I thought I'd whip her up a little blanket for her little bundle. Since she's planning on having more children (hopefully a girl for her next!), I wanted to make her something that was neutral, so that she could use it with a future little one, regardless of gender. I had a few leftover skeins of Lion Brand organic cotton, which worked up perfectly to make this sweet little blanket.

I really love this yarn for baby knits. It's so soft, and I love that it has a little bit of a thick and thin look to it.

This pattern was quick and simple, and I added the stripes because, well, who doesn't love stripes?

I cast on 20 extra stitches, which made it a lot wider. I think it's better that way - it would make a wonderful lap blanket while the little one is riding in the car.


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