Planning Ahead

Things are coming along nicely with my Antrorse. I'm not as far along as I'd like, but I'm about to finish the body and start the sleeves. If I can finish it by next weekend, I will have finished it in less than a month, which is still pretty great.

This is going to be so comfy to wear - I just love the funnel neck.

A few Knitmases ago, I posted about an awesome wooden button maker on Etsy, Field Hands. I just love Erik's buttons. So natural and beautiful. So when I saw these beauties, I knew they'd be perfect for my Antrorse. 

With my Antrorse nearing completion, I've started to plan out my next projects. With Spring nearing, I know I want to make a spring top with some linen/silk blend I have in my stash, so I know that will be one of my next garments. Something else I want to do this year is knit a pair of tights, and I'm really excited to cast on. I ordered Stroll Sock yarn from Knit Picks in Firecracker Heather, and I'll be using Mel Clark's Tangerine Tights pattern.

The yarn keeps staring at me, tempting me to abandon everything else and cast on, but I'm doing my best to restrain. The needles I'll use are also wrapped up in these socks I started back in October, and I'm going to make myself finish them before I start the tights. I'm at the point where I need to start the heel, so the finish isn't too far off.

Also tempting me is this yarn I ordered from Brooklyn Tweed during their sale. I mean, it's just so pretty.

My mom is waiting patiently for an Aidez that I promised her, and I also want to make Jake a hat. I know I'm not alone in this feeling: too many projects I want to make, not enough time to make them. But the planning ahead sure is a lot of fun.

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  1. Taking on a pair of tights is pretty hardcore! I hope you'll share the process :D The color is pretty bomb!