DIY Succulent Cedar Root

A couple of months ago, Jake and I decided we wanted to change up the layout of our little house. We came to the realization that since our house is small (1,000 sq. ft. - small for conventional houses, the perfect amount of room for us!), we need make sure each room is being used to it's full potential, which we weren't doing. While it was amazing to have our bedroom in the same room as the woodstove, the only time we got to enjoy the woodstove is when we were falling asleep. So we decided to get rid of our guest room, use it for our bedroom, and turn our old bedroom into what we're calling "The Parlor".

This weekend, Jake's dad came up to help us with our yard (lots of photos to come of that soon!), and help us rearrange the furniture. It's mostly still a jumbled mess, but the big pieces of furniture are in the right place. Since we were moving everything around, I figured this was the perfect time to tackle some projects I've had on my to-do list for a while. I'm working on bringing in more plants to the house - they just add so much. The main problem we have are The Cats Who Eat Everything (and why are so many plants toxic to cats?), so most plants will have to be hanging or mounted on the walls. I saw somewhere on the Internet a while ago where someone took a piece of driftwood and planted succulents in it, and knew I wanted something similar. Jake's dad is a contractor, so I asked him if he could be on the lookout for some tree roots (for another project), thinking they would be hard to come across. So, imagine my surprise when he sent me a text saying he found 6 in just a matter of hours! And all cedar, at that - I was so excited. I knew immediately that one of those roots would be perfect for succulents, so he brought them down when he came this weekend. And I got to work!

This was so easy. I wish I had taken step by step photos to share, but they're really not needed. As long as you have the right tools, this project can be finished in just a few hours. Jake's dad had already pressure washed the root for me, but if you have a dirty root, that should be your first step. Then, you just decide where you want your succulents to go. I chose to follow the natural crevices, but that's not necessary.

The crevices just needed a little work (drill or chisel) to make them a little deeper and wider. I then filled the holes with soil, stuck my succulents in, and we mounted it on the wall. Easy! I love the natural, organic look of it.

I keep trying to pick a favorite succulent, but it's hard. I love them all so much! I wish I could add some moss to it too, but since moss prefers a moist environment, and succulents don't, they just don't mix.

Here's a shot to help give it a little perspective, size-wise.

Such a great addition to our room! I'll be sharing more photos from the house (and yard!) after everything's found it's new home. In the meantime, anyone have any good plant recommendations for a house with kitties that eat everything green?


  1. Holly Priestley3/31/14, 10:56 AM

    I love this! I'm (hopefully) moving into a new place soon (that I won't be moving out of for a while) and I would love to make one/some of these :)

  2. You definitely should - it was so easy & fun! and it adds so much to the space. share photos if you make some!

  3. MichelleCarter4/1/14, 12:16 PM

    Great idea!! I have some driftwood I've been saving for something. This might be a good use for it. Another thing I want to try, and it would be good in a house with cats, is hanging air plants. Twice I've collected some I found on trails when camping (not Natnl parks), and both times my husband threw them out of the truck as we packed to leave because he thought they were junk. Anyway, they can be ordered cheaply.