A few snapshots of my week. Happy Friday, and Happy Easter!

gorgeous blooming cherry tree by our downtown farmer's market 

enjoying a nice view from our porch swing

the view from an afternoon spent hammock-ing in the front yard

we had one more cold/snow blast... but the bright side meant enjoying the woodstove!

my handsome date

we got to see Nickel Creek - one of my favorite bands of all time!

i may be overdoing it with plants in the bathroom (is there even such a thing as overdoing it in this situation?)

sunny enjoys hiding in our long grass... probably time to cut it...

pretty blooming tulips at my office

I'm going to make this a weekly thing - it's really fun to look back at my photos from the week, and relive the enjoyable moments. All photos from my Instagram.

Have a great weekend!


  1. MichelleCarter4/18/14, 5:12 PM

    Happy Easter to you! Spring is extra beautiful where you live, I think. And, no, there can't be too many plants in a bathroom :)

  2. Beautiful! I love seeing photos or your surroundings, since it's a familiar place to me! And you also have a great eye for a picture.

  3. Thanks, Gail! It's easy when I live in a place with so many beautiful things to take photos of!

  4. It's especially beautiful this year! Or maybe it just feels that way because it was such a long and cold winter. But I'm enjoying every second of it!