YOU get a free pattern, and YOU get a free pattern!

Did you think you were listening to Oprah there for a second?

This morning I did something I've been meaning to do for a long time. I updated my patterns on Ravelry, and on my Patterns page here on the blog. The blog page, especially, was out of date, missing at least 2 patterns.

When I first started knitting, and creating a few designs, I had wild dreams of being a designer and designing and selling tons of patterns. As time went on, I realized that just wasn't realistic. Not only do I not have the skill set to create patterns in all size ranges, but I just don't really want to. I still enjoy creating patterns, and will still make garments without using a pattern, but probably only in my own size. It's just more fun that way. So I still expect to publish an accessory pattern every now and then, but it's not something I'm looking to make money off of or turn into a profession. 

So that's why, as of today, all of my patterns are free downloads. And they'll stay that way. With one exception, which is the pattern for the Victorian Fingerless Gloves. That pattern is also for sale on the KnitPicks website, so it will still be a purchased pattern (a whopping $1.99!).

I'd rate every single one of my patterns beginner friendly, so have no fear - grab your needles and jump in!


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