Spring Top, The End

Thanks to the tops, tanks, and tees knit-along, I was able to finish my spring top - just in time for summer. It actually works out well though, as this top will be perfect for summer.

This is going to sound like bragging, but just bear with me for a second. I can't believe I made this. Guys, I DESIGNED THIS. I love it. The fit is perfect, and it turned out almost exactly how I planned it. Light, airy, a little positive ease, and completely unique.

I made the back a little longer than the front with some short rows, just for a little visual fun.

This was such a fun top to make. From the sketching of the idea, the making of the swatch, and watching my idea grow and come to life - it was a great adventure!

With this top, I wanted to create something that could be worn to work, but also out for a casual dinner or concert. This is great with a tank top underneath, worn with jeans, or a little dressed up over a summer dress. I knew I'd want a little positive ease, because in 6 weeks or so when it's 90 degrees, I'll want something that doesn't stick to me when I'm sitting outside.

And, of course, it needed to be able to be worn with a fedora.

I've used this yarn before, to make a stripe study shawl, and I didn't really like it. This time, however, I blocked it and was simply amazed at the difference in the yarn. It's a 50/50 silk/linen blend, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but it went from scratchy & stiff, to flowy & soft. I was genuinely shocked.

I'd like to do a post on my process for this top soon, mainly just for my own benefit. I took some notes, but nothing too detailed, so there will be no pattern for this. Plus, I like the idea that I made something that literally no one else has ever made!

Thanks so much to Shannon for hosting another wonderful KAL! It's truly inspiring to see everyone's projects - and also a little dangerous - there are so many great patterns I want to knit now.


  1. byannieclaire6/2/14, 11:16 PM

    aaaaanytime you feel like writing up a pattern, let me know! I love it!!!

  2. MichelleCarter6/3/14, 8:52 AM

    I love your tee! That back panel is so pretty and the whole thing is beautiful on you. Looking forward to your design notes.

  3. Holly Priestley6/3/14, 9:17 AM

    This tee is FANTASTIC!! It looks so perfect on you and I love all the special details - the back panel, short-row shaping, garter shoulders, it's great! Congrats :D

  4. You're right to be proud of this - it's gorgeous! Well done!

  5. Thanks, Gail! It'll definitely get a lot of use this summer!

  6. Thanks, Holly! The little details were so fun to plan out - this whole thing was fun to plan out!

  7. Haha! Thank you! I may do a basic "recipe" as opposed to an actual design... I'll keep you posted :)

  8. Very Shannon6/3/14, 11:41 PM

    It's so gorgeous! I think you should do this as a pattern! It's gorgeous!

  9. This is beautiful!!! Awesome work! Looks so comfortable as well!

  10. Thanks Shannon! Thanks for hosting such a fun KAL!

  11. Thank you! It's SO comfy!