These Are The Socks That Never End

Yes, they go on and on, my friends.

(How many of you are going to have that terrible song from Lamb Chop's in your head now? Sorry.)

It feels like I've been working on these socks for the better part of the last decade, even though in reality, I started them in October. But, really. That was nine months ago. I could have produced a child in that time, but I can't finish a pair of socks (and let's not talk about the sock I just found, that doesn't have a mate, that I knitted almost 3 years ago. Sigh. This is why I don't knit a lot of socks.). 

I am, however, happy to report that the end is in sight. I started off knitting these toe up, two at a time, but once I got past the heel, it seemed I was knitting and knitting, but they weren't growing. So I switched to knitting them individually at that point, which I think helped my mental block. The first sock is done, and I only have 42 rounds before I start the ribbing on the second sock. 

Having the first sock finished really helped motivate me to work on the second one because I really like these socks. Sometimes, while I'm knitting the second one, I wear the finished one. It's that comfortable.

I've also been working some on the floor cushion I'm making for our living room. With three strands of worsted weight yarn and size US 15 needles, it's practically knitting itself.

I'm about halfway done, and am getting ready to knit the zipper opening. This also means that I will have to actually sew in the zipper, which is super intimidating to me, but there are good instructions in the book. The sides (body?) of the pillow are done in linen stitch, and I really enjoy knitting it. It makes such a nice, dense fabric, which is great for this purpose, so that the stuffing doesn't show through or start falling out.

Hopefully next time I have a knitting related post, I'll be able to talk about having a finished pair of socks!

What projects are you working on?


  1. Rachel Smith6/17/14, 9:15 PM

    I know exactly what you mean about 2nd sock syndrome! I'm experiencing that on my current project: socks for my dad. Yours look gorgeous - looking forward to your FO photos ;)

  2. thank you! and, oh... man socks... why are their feet so big?? hope you can overcome the syndrome soon!