The Most Autumnal Socks

They're finished! They're finished!

I'm so very glad to have these off the needles. Not only because now I can wear them, but because they seemed to take forever. I sure do love them though.

As you can see by all the cat hair on the bottom, I've been wearing them around the house as much as possible since finishing them the other day. I really love the two yarns I used. Not only are the colors fantastic, but both yarns are from small indie dyers, which I'm always happy to support.

The main color is first string Indieway Yarns, in a color that is so perfectly fall. I just adore the pops of green and orange in the brown. They're wonderfully complimented by the navarre sock by Springtree Road. Sadly, Maya doesn't dye yarn anymore, which is a bummer because she was able to create the most incredible colors! Luckily for me, I've got almost a full skein of this orange, plus a full skein of a delicious yellow sock yarn that I'd love to pair together for a project.

I really love the way the texture of the socks came out. It's a simple mixture of seed stitch and stockinette, but I've dubbed it "the woodland stitch" because it reminds me of the texture of the woodland floor in Autumn. Brown, with pops of fall colors, and texture from fallen limbs, roots, and nuts.

I've written up a basic pattern recipe for these socks, which you can download below for free. The color possibilities are endless, and I really think I've fallen in love with the look of the contrasting toe/heel/cuff. 

And now that my socks are done, I can allow myself to cast on my red tweed tights!

Happy Knitting!


  1. byannieclaire7/14/14, 10:37 PM

    Firstly, tweed tights!? You are my hero. But also those socks look so comfy and autumal! Ever the sock knitter wanna be I've gone and downloaded your pattern... we'll see if it is this recipe that finally gets me a pair of socks completed!

  2. Ha! Thank you - but let's hope I don't poke my eyes out because of all the ribbing. And I feel you on being a sock knitter wannabe... these took me FOREVER to finish. And I usually do maybe one pair a year... I have trouble with two of the same thing (but magic loop helps!). Hope the recipe helps!

  3. Thanks! I think most socks I make from here on out will have contrasting toes/heel/cuff - it adds a lot of visual interest.

    And, yes, you should definitely drop everything and start a pair of tweed tights! :)