A Knitter's Struggle

I usually don't have this struggle. I can usually pair yarn with a pattern fairly easily - with one exception. Baby knits. I'm basically clueless when it comes to babies and knitting for babies. I've knit only one garment for a baby once - a baby sophisticate sweater for my nephew, and I'm pretty sure it fit him for about an hour before he outgrew it. 

So here's my current situation.  I'm going to a baby shower in a couple of weeks, and I want to knit something for the little girl who is due in June. I've picked out this wonderful skein of Hermosa Fiber Company sock yarn, but I'm struggling with what to make. I've narrowed it down to two choices - the Immie Tee by Carrie Bostick Hoge, or the Sproutlette Dress by Tanis Lavallee.

So my question to you is, which one should I go for? And, which size do I make? Since these are both spring/summer knits, and the baby is due in June, I could make the newborn size, but then they would only be wearable for a few months. If I make the 6-12 month size, they could be worn next spring & summer. Furthermore, if I made the 6-12 size of the dress, it could be worn as a tunic once the baby gets too big for it to be worn as a dress.

Knitters with lots of baby knitting experience, what are your thoughts?


  1. www.tresbienensemble.com3/24/15, 1:00 PM

    I knt a dress for my little friend Lola. I knit the size 3mos, for her. It transitioned perfectly from a dress to a tunic, and she was able to wear it up until she was a year old. So, I vote for the dress if you're looking for longevity!

  2. Rebekah Wersler Hayes3/24/15, 1:09 PM

    You also knitted this for me!

  3. Rebekah Wersler Hayes3/24/15, 1:15 PM

    I definitely say knit something practical. After having two kids and receiving a few hand-knitted items from my aunt, my favorite was a cardigan. I say a cardigan for the fall/winter. Size 3-6m. Booties don't stay on their feet. I also received 6 knitted bibs and we still use them even at 3 and 1 years old! =)

  4. Corinne Roffler3/24/15, 2:39 PM

    I love the Sproutlette dress, I have had it on my to knit list for baby clothes for a while. I'd definitely choose a bigger size. Newborns grow so fast, it's almost not worth to knit something special for them. And even if the season isn't perfect for the dress, the baby can wear the dress with tights or leggins in any kind of weather.
    I'll also knit a baby pattern by Tanis next, but since I don't know if it will be a boy or a girl, I'll knit an R&R Hoodie.

  5. I knitted a newborn size of Camilla babe by Carrie Bostwick Hoge and it came up so big. Her patterns look great in real life. Best thing my now 9 year old got as a bsby was a white (accrylic!) cardigan from his great grandmother, wore and washed ver and over.

  6. As an owner of small children, I love both. If I were knitting for Norah when she was still in utero, I would have chosen the immie tee and knit the 3-6 months size because after 6 months, they start eating solids and anything nicer gets wrecked. They start moving a lot so get super warm and really only wear onsies and sweatshirts that are easy washed (see previous reason!). And the larger the size, the further back in the closet it will be out and it'll be forgotten about and not worn when it finally fits. Enjoy the small, quick knit of a baby knit and chose a small size. Knit something for her 1yr birthday that is a 2T and she'll wear it for a year (from 12-30 months!) :) just my piece of opinion!!!! :) <3