november goals

so i am not one to really sit down and write out goals, but right now there is so much running through my head, that i have to get it out. and if i don't write it out, i know i'll forget. and if i write it on paper, i'll lose it. so here i am. a list of my goals for the remainder of the month.
1 :: complete my list of knitting. i'm participating in my first craft fair at the beginning of december (yay!), so i need to make sure i have plenty of stuff knitted up for it.
2 :: read more. it's one of my favorite things ever, and since i started knitting more, i haven't had time for it. (also, if someone knows a way to read AND knit that isn't books on tape, i'd love to hear about it...or invent it)
3 :: keep this house CLEAN! it gets so cluttered so quickly! this weekend i've already planned to literally scrub everything from top to bottom, but it needs to stay that way.
4 :: start exercising more. i know i'm not fat by any stretch of the imagination, but when i think about the fact that i used to be a collegiate athlete who could run a 5 minute mile and a 17:30 5K, i get a little frustrated. but i hate running now, so i'll be sticking to the bike & doing some yoga.

those are 4 pretty good goals that i feel will keep me going through the rest of the month (by the way, it's already the 10th?? whaaaat??). they'll be on-going, as well, but no better time to start than now! i'd love to hear other people's goals as well - might give me some ideas of things for the future!!
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  1. My tip for number two - hard cover books! They stay open at the right page, so if you can knit without looking at what you're doing (garter stitch is great for that), you can do both at the same time :)

  2. Dang, girl! 5 minute mile and 17:30 5k and you don't run anymore?!?! That's talent! I also run and hate it...but I'm very middle of the pack. Lately I have been getting more into cycling. I am actually looking at stationary recumbent bikes so I can knit and workout at the same time. Since things have been so crazy with work + Etsy shop I have NO time to workout. This is my solution. I have done treadmill + knitting, but I can't run like this, I just walk at a high incline. Still, it just feels funny.

  3. i wish i could still enjoy running! after doing it competitively through high school and college, i just got tired of it - all the pressure of having to run a certain number of miles each week and running personal best times and on and on - i just had to take a break once i graduated! and that was 3 years ago, haha. i've done the knitting while riding my bike on the trainer, and it works! definitely check into it - it takes your mind off what you're doing, and you can multi-task!

  4. Good luck with your goals! I wish I could add running to my list. I find taking 15 minutes in the morning and right before bed to clean up the house makes it really easy and I clean, clean the same day every week. Can't wait to see some knits!

  5. i reeeeeally need to try and do that - i'm always just so tired when it's time for bed! but i know it'll make things so much easier on me if i do!

  6. good luck with your goals. I totally understand the list on the blog thing! I've started doing to-do's for the weekend every friday on my blog. Probably not the most exciting read for my followers, but it certainly helps me stay on track, or at least attempt it!
    p.s. loving my hand warmers!