mossy goodness

One of the things I miss the most about Portland is the green-ness of everything. I'm not only talking about how the city is very eco conscience, but also about the landscape.  Almost everything has moss growing on it - trees, buildings, sidwalks and walls - and there is just absolutely no comparison to the beauty that moss adds.  Have you ever looked at it closely? It's like a tiny little forest - each individual plant is like a tree rising up out of the ground - beautifully unique, yet strikingly full of commonalities.  I took this picture when we were in Asheville a couple of weekends ago (see more pictures here). I love the macro setting on my camera. It really allows me to capture photos that are full of details. And this one really brings out all the details of the moss.

it's like a little forest!
Not only is moss beautiful, but also super useful! Did you know that during WWII, certain types of moss were used as first-aid dressings on soldier's wounds because of their absorbency and mild antibacterial properties? Or that in rural UK, another type of moss was traditionally used to extinguish fires because of the large volume of water it retained? Amazing, isn't it!! (thanks to wikipedia for all the info!)

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  1. So pretty and green. That ring holder is to die for.

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    I was the winner of the hand warmers on BBB, and just recieved them in the mail today...so fantastic! I can't wait to wear them! Thanks so much!