the simple things in life

after an email i received from my father in law today (hi, dad!), i started thinking about the simple things in my life. the things that, to other people, may seem trivial, but make me the happiest. and i started realizing that this is really a huge part of who i am. as my "about me" says, i really would be happiest enjoying small, simple things - my husband, my cats, and the beauty given to us by God and mother nature (and knitting, of course!).

So, today, i decided to make a list of the things that make me the happiest. the simple, beautiful things about life that can't be found in any store, that no amount of money can ever buy, and that all the material things in the world could never replace.

* waking up in the middle of the night to the warmth of kitty snuggles
* friday night homemade pizza night with my husband
* that first day when you can really feel spring in the air
* the peace and serenity of being at home in the mountains
* holding jake's hand
* walking barefoot in warm summer grass
* cloud watching
* the first glimpse of autumn leaves
* the smell of lavender
* looking at my wedding rings
* hugs
* my family

take some time this evening to think about the simple things in your life that you love. what are they?
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  1. "that first day when you can really feel spring in the air"--I love that! Maybe I'm just wishing for spring. Your new items look awesome! Happy new year!

  2. 1) the feeling after running a race. Your muscles are sore, and your stomach feels sick. I fee accomplished for the rest of the day.

    2) gettig yarn for an unknown project