fun giveaway!

well, as i mentioned earlier, i started a facebook fan page. yesterday, i decided to try something fun to get a little more exposure! i'm going to give away a pair of my handwarmers! these are super warm, comfy, and very practical for those who need use of their fingers but have cold hands (read: me.). i use mine all the time - throughout the day at work as well as while knitting, or just sitting around the house.

And now I'm sure you're wondering how you can win a pair of these handwarmers (in whatever color you want, i might add).... well, here's the answer!
head over to facebook, and become a fan of jaykayknits! then, make sure you're a follower of my blog because that's where I'll announce the winner!

once I get up to 100 followers, I'll randomly select a winner from all of my followers! as of now (4:30 on Tuesday) I have 75, so only 25 more to go!! so spread the word! and let's have fun with this!
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