treasury: undiscovered

okay! i got a treasury this evening - and i stocked it full of sellers who have yet to be on the front page! everyone help us get this treasury on the front page by clicking and commenting! even if it doesn't work, i'll be grabbing up another treasury as soon as i can - full of more sellers looking to be on the front page! if you're interested, read this post, and leave your shop name in the comments. i only wish i could fit everyone into one treasury! how cool would that be?!

the theme for this treasury was based off of KnittinK's Aquaman yarn - I just love the colors!

and, speaking of treasuries, has everyone heard of craftopolis? it's a website that shows you which treasuries you're featured in! and also has a clock that shows you how much time is left until treasury main and treasury west open - head over and type in your shop name - you might be pleased with what pops up!!

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  1. What a lovely treasury! I wanted to make one last night but couldn't get one... didn't realize how competitive it was!

  2. Cool! Thanks for including my wallet. Off to click and comment.

  3. Thank you for including my scarf.
    Really appreciated your work.
    I blogged
    and I will promote