well, i've taken a bit of a blogging absence for the past few days. and if you don't follow me on twitter or facebook, you may be wondering why....

well, last wednesday, as i was trying to make dinner, i sliced the thumb and pointer fingers on my left hand open and had to go get stitches (4 in thumb, 1 in pointer). no fun, right? not only was it painful, and a waste of 5 hours in the ER, but it's been kinda hard to do things without the use of those fingers (i'm doing a half regular typing, half pecking right now).

the pain is mostly gone, but man, are these stitches suuuuper annoying. i haven't been able to knit since then, which has been driving me crazy, and i'm not totally sure when i'll be able to do so again. this is kinda messing up one of my january goals (list 3 new things every week), so that's been bumming me out. plus, knitting is relaxing, so i feel a little more stressed when my hands aren't busy.

hopefully all of you have been having days full of excitement, love, joy and creativity since we last saw each other :)
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  1. That sucks! I hope your fingers heal up quickly!

  2. oh my goodness! you poor thing!
    I hope you heal quickly and feel better soon.

  3. Oh Jen! I'm glad it wasn't worse. Here's to a quick heal. I'm thinking of you.