february goals

well, it's hard to believe, but today is the last day of January. this is a good thing because it means Spring is coming, and (more importantly), Spring Break is coming! definitely one of my favorite parts about working in the school system is the amazing schedule...can't ask for much more than that!

i want to do a quick recap on the january goals that i wrote out for myself.

my shop goal was to list 3 new items every week (not including relisting sold items). now i wasn't sure how this was going to work out for me, but i must say, it well really well! i had a little hiccup about a week and a half ago when i cut open two of my fingers and had to get stitches, but even that week i was able to list two items, and this past week after i got the stitches out, i was able to list two.

my new shop goal for the month of february is going to kinda play off of last month's goal. i want to still stick to three new items a month, but of the three, only one of them can be a pair of fingerless gloves - the majority of the items in my shop are fingerless gloves, so i need to make sure i mix it up a little. so that means more cowls, clutches and other fun things!

my personal goal last month was to step more outside my comfort zone - be embarassed. i'm a very by the book kind of girl, so this was pretty difficult for me to do. i did an okay job - nothing i feel i can really brag about. i did, however, remove my own stitches, which i felt was pretty outside of my comfort zone!

my new personal goal for this month is, well, really personal. so i'm not going to write it down (i know, lame, right?). but i knowing that i have to do it is enough.

another goal of mine (which i suppose would be both personal and could potentially have to do with the shop) is to learn how to use this....

(sorry for the crappy phone picture, haven't gotten around to taking a real one yet)

my new charkha!! jake bought me this while he was up in north carolina doing some thesis research, and i absolutely LOVE it! it's the perfect spinning wheel for a beginner like me, and it didn't break the bank. i'm so excited to learn how to use it, if for nothing else than for personal use. but hopefully i can get the hang of it and start to spin beautiful yarns for everyone else to enjoy as well!

do you have any goals you want to accomplish this month?
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  1. I like your style :) I'm putting my list up tomorrow. And I LOVE your fingerless gloves AND everything else you make, so I'm sure that whatever you add to your store will be incredible.

  2. I wrote my February goals on my blog. I included some knitting projects and a couple personal ones, as well.

    Also, I noticed you work in the school system. I'm a teacher in Clarke County.

  3. that's so funny! what a small world :) i work in the special ed department at cedar shoals high school - which school do you work in?

    i love your goals! i definitely have some things that need to be accomplished around the house...maybe in march :)

  4. I work at Gaines Elementary on Gaines School Road.