newest additions

no, we're not having a baby. but i know the title kinda sounds like it.

i wanted to share with you the newest line i'll be working on for my etsy shop! i had one of these in my shop a while ago, but it sold in october and i never made anymore since i was busy with fingerless gloves and other cold weather apparel.  however, soon it will be warm, and no one will want things like gloves and cowls, so i've been trying to brainstorm spring and summer ideas for the shop.

without further ado....i present my newest jewelry display frame! for those who can't keep jewelry organized, and always seem to find one earring but not the other (read: me) - and if you're not into jewelry, it also would make some unique art!

I'll be introducing more of these in the shop as time goes on, so keep your eyes open!

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  1. I love your lace projects! TEACH ME!!!

  2. Ooo Jen! These are gorgeous! I may have to custom order one in the perfect color combo for my house. So cute.

  3. This is really cool!

  4. wow thats really such a great idea! very cute!!