well, it's been a busy week - full of knitting! as usual, the weekend seems to be flying by, and it's back to work on Monday. Although, one month from today, Jake and I will be headed to the white sandy shores of Destin, Florida for a week!

We've been dealing with two sick kitties all week - both have colds, so there is a lot of sneezing, snot and sleeping going on. they are adorably pathetic, and act much like humans do when they're not feeling well and want others to feel sorry for them. i mean, seriously - how cute are they?

so in my spare time i've been doing some etsy browsing, and have been adding quite a few things to my favorites!

hope everyone has had a restful weekend, full of love!
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  1. ok, you know I'm not a "car person" but they are damn cute cuddled up like that :)

  2. Oh! Thank you so much for featuring Chakra P. on your beautiful blog! Have a lovely time in Florida :)

  3. awwwwwe. i love snuggly kitties!
    so jealous that you're going to destin!