the color pink

I have always had hatred for the color pink. I'm usually more of a blue, green and purple girl. Yet somehow, two of my most recent projects have had pink or have been some shade of pink, and I currently have two projects on the needles involving pink. What's wrong with me?

And I just noticed I'm wearing pink leggings in the above picture. Pink. Everywhere. It's in pictures I've been taking, the things I've been knitting, the clothes I've been wearing. Maybe it's just a spring thing? Or maybe I'm turning into the girly girl I never dreamed I would become (although I'm almost 100% sure that means I have to start wearing makeup, and that's not going to happen. I've tried.).


  1. The color pink has grown on me. Though I prefer a very light pink as opposed to a deeper, more purple pink.

  2. Erin Archer5/9/11, 8:28 PM

    I'm the same! I used to be such a tom-boy, but I recently completely changed & fell in love with lilac, pale pink, and light blue. I love the colors you have!