Mystery Shawl

One of my (too) many projects right now is a mystery KAL, hosted by Knitting Like Crazy. It's the first "mystery" anything I've ever done, and so far it's been really fun! It's pretty crazy knitting something when I have no clue what the outcome will be. Every Friday she posts a new clue on her blog - this past Friday was clue number 2, which I just started today (don't worry, it's short!). Here's my progress towards the end of clue one:

Pretty cool, huh? And let's talk about the yarn for a second - love it! It's some hand dyed yumminess from Gnomenapper. The color is so rich and incredible! The colorway is Vitamin C, but it's so orange it could totally be called Cheeto Fingers (gross, I know, but you know how orange your fingers get when you eat cheetos? Yeah. It's that orange.).

If you're itching to start a project, head on over to the Knitting Like Crazy blog and cast on for the mystery shawl - next clue is published tomorrow, and then only one left after that!

In other random news, how cute is my husband in spandex??


  1.  CHEETO FINGERS! HAhahaha. Your progress looks wonderful! A mystery knit-along is such a fun idea!

  2. Erin Archer5/19/11, 2:14 PM

     Beautiful work! Vitamin C is such a great name for the color.

  3.  Major LOLs @ Cheeto Fingers!

  4.  I'm just blown away by how vibrant that picture of your husband cycling is.  So cool!

  5. JenniferSadler5/21/11, 3:45 PM

    Thanks! :)

  6. JenniferSadler5/21/11, 3:46 PM

    Thanks! I really love the color - just what my drab wardrobe needed!

  7. JenniferSadler5/21/11, 3:47 PM

    It's really fun to participate in!