Summer Craze

Well, summer is here and things have gotten crazy. I thought summer was a time for relaxing? It seems the only ones relaxing around the Sadler house are the kitties.

School ended last Friday, and since then we've driven to Virginia to help Jake's parents move (got lots of knitting done on the way up and back though!);

I got a nice, hip new haircut;

Drove to Georgia for a few days with my mom to stay at my grandparent's house and pick my niece up from the airport;

homegrown tomatoes!

airport waiting

beautiful niece!

And finally, I knitted up a quick and comfy pair of slippers.

All in less than a week. I'm tired. But am slowly settling in to the rhythm of summer. I've got lots on my "to do list" and I can't wait to get started!


  1. wow! Your hair is stinking cute & totally awesome.  I wish I could pull off something like that, but alas I'd just look 12.

  2. JenniferSadler6/17/11, 10:22 PM

    i've already had people tell me i look younger, which is the opposite of the look i was going for!