A dedication to the furballs

It was July 2008. We walked into the Charlottesville SPCA not knowing what to expect. We knew we wanted two kittens. We contemplated two from different litters, but didn't think that would be fair to split up families like that. So we grabbed the two of you - you were snuggling each other in your hammock. You had four other brothers and sisters and I wish we could have taken them all. We played with you for a little while in the "kitty city" room before taking you home.

You guys were so.small. Teeny compared to what you are now (especially you Fozzie!).

You were, and still are, best friends. You do everything together - sleeping, bathing, wrestling and playing. We are so thankful for you.

I know it's silly to write this to our cats, who will never read this, but they have brought so much joy into our lives - they truly are our children. I can't believe you guys just turned 3. Thanks for being so awesome. We're so glad you picked us to be your human parents.


  1. KITTIES! I don't think this is silly at all. Cats are the best!

  2. JenniferSadler7/9/11, 2:48 PM

    yes they are!!!