FO: Storm Swept

Around here, it storms a lot in the summer. Most afternoons, the skies fill with grey clouds, and the thunder starts rumbling - sometimes, it doesn't even rain, but the clouds roll in, cover the sun, and things cool off. It's one of my favorite things about summer in the mountains. Those colors are what inspired the colors for my newest FO.

I had such a good time knitting this! I was a little skeptical, as I've knitting Veera's Stripe Study before, and quite honestly, got a little tired of it before I finished. But this - oh, I loved every second.

We just got back from vacation in Collingwood, Ontario, which is where these photos were taken - I finished the shawl while we were there and got to use it a couple of times because the evenings were nice and cool.

The yarn I used was Knit Picks palette - not my most favorite yarn, it got the job done. When I first started knitting, I bought a ton of it because it was so cheap, and the colors! It has a pretty seriously awesome color palette (hence, the name...)

I'm fairly certain that I will make this again. It was just too fun not to!

Next time, vacation photos!


  1. your colour affection shawl is stunning! Absolutely beautiful. 

  2. JenniferSadler8/14/12, 4:46 PM

    Thank you! I absolutely love it!