Spring Break?

I'm currently on Spring break, or "second Winter break" as I like to call it. Why would I call it that? 

We left last Friday to head up to my in-law's house in Virginia. Sunday, it started snowing, and we woke up to this lovely scene Monday. We came back to Asheville Tuesday, but the weather has hardly been spring like. It snowed on and off all day Tuesday, and almost all of Wednesday morning. So what I do I do when it's cold outside and I'm wishing for Spring? I start knitting another lace shawl!

I'm currently also about 60% through with a version of Cold Mountain, but needed a little break from it. My brother in law is getting married in May, so I thought I'd whip up something to wear at the reception with my bridesmaid dress. This yarn I had in my stash just happened to match perfectly, so I decided to go with Annis, which will hopefully be a quick little shawl to knit. It's knit from the bottom up, so it gets smaller the further into it you get. There are also only 18 rows of lace, and then the rest of the shawl is worked in stockinette stitch and short rows. I'm hoping to have this one done in no time!

I've also started some seeds inside to get a jump start on our garden. We're going to have lots more garden space this year, and we're both extremely excited to grow lots of yummy veggies!

We've got lots of lettuce mix, swiss chard, red russian kale, green kale and red cabbage started, and plan to put spinach in the ground in the next few weeks (if it ever warms up, that is).

I'll leave you with some more photos of our Winter/Spring snow wonderland. It certainly was gorgeous! Is it warm where you are, or is Old Man Winter over staying his welcome for you too?

(I particularly love this last one - my father in law and I had just gotten into quite the snowball fight!)


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