Spring KAL

In an effort to try and get some knitting inspiration back, I've decided to join in on the Spring Tops, Tanks, & Tees knit along with Shannon and her gang. There are so many great patterns to choose from, but I've decided on Purl Bee's Cap Sleeve Lattice Top.

I've got the yarn all picked out, and I'm excited to get started. I actually cast on for this little top last summer, but my gauge was way off, so I ripped it all out. I'm planning to do an actual gauge swatch this time (gasp!), and think it's going to be a wonderful addition to my spring and summer wardrobe!
I haven't knit a stitch this week - instead I've been soaking in all the gorgeous weather we've been having, and letting the color surrounding me inspire me. The yarn I've picked for my top will include some of the gorgeous Spring colors that seemed to have exploded over the past few days.

Hop over to Shannon's blog to sign up to knit your own Spring top!


  1. So excited you are joining in!

  2. Yay, Jennifer! I'm joining it too. That lattice top is so perfect for summer.

  3. What a pretty pattern! I don't do much spring knitting, but that pattern seriously tempts me!