Summer Bliss

It's here! Summer break is finally here. This school year was a long, strange, stressful one, so words can't express how nice it is to have some time off. I'm taking 3 summer classes, so I've got work to do, but after this week, I'll have the bulk of my work finished and can take more time for relaxing. I've been doing a little knitting, but the bulk of any free time I've had in the past week since summer break began has been spent out in the garden, or experimenting in the kitchen. We've had a lot of rain here recently, so the garden is lush and green, but we also are dealing with lots of slugs munching on our plants. Here's a peek from the yard.

The greens have almost run their course (we've still got kale and chard), which means that lots of other goodies are starting to enter our diets - zucchini, beets, peas, beans, tomatoes, peppers, and more to come!

And so this isn't a post void of a knitting photo, here's what I've been working on lately. Aren't the colors wonderfully summer? They remind me of sorbet! I'm looking forward to finishing these two papers I'm working on so I can get back to working on it.

Hope you're enjoying some summery activities and adventures!


  1. Those colors are perfect for summer. Can't wait to see that one finished. I was wondering if you keep resowing your greens? We can get lettuce much of the year in Texas (if we water) and I'd think with your cooler climate, you might could too.

    1. I'm thinking about doing another sowing, and will definitely do one closer to the end of summer. Do you keep yours in the shade when it's really hot? I'm worried about the hottest parts of the summer here (highs in the upper 80s - although we did have a few days hit 100 last summer), but if it survives in the Texas heat, I would imagine it would be ok here.