Wee Mukluks

I'm going to start this post off with a warning: you're about to see the cutest thing ever knitted for a baby.
Now that you've been warned, I'll dive right in.

One of my closest friends from high school is due with her first baby (a boy!) in September, and as soon as she told me she was having a baby shower, I knew her little one needed something hand-knit. I was originally going to make her a version of a pillow she has on her registry, but as soon as I saw this pattern in one of the e-books I won, I knew I had to make them. And now every baby I know is going to rock a pair of these because they're quick, simple, and (it can't be said enough) adorable.

I learned something about myself while making these. I'm pretty sure I already knew this, but it really hit home with this project. I hate most acrylic yarn. I hate buying it, I hate knitting with it - I hate everything about it. For these little booties, I knew I wanted something machine washable, and soft enough for a wee one. I could have used superwash wool, but I also knew the recipient wouldn't care either way, so I went the cheaper route, and bought Vanna's Choice. I like the colors, and ultimately know I made the best decision for the situation, but there was a part of me that cringed every time I touched the yarn.

The pattern was great - very well written, easy to understand, and - bonus! - the pattern is graded for all sizes, so I think my niece and nephew both need a pair, and maybe even some of the adults in my life.

So tiny and cute! And imagine how much cuter they'll be with chubby little baby legs and feet in them? It's too much to handle!


  1. Those are so adorable! I also shudder thinking about knitting with acrylic, but it seems like the best choice in this case. Gorgeous work.

  2. Those are amazing! I need to knit several pairs. NOW. :-D