Snowy Scene

I love snow. Big, deep snows. Growing up here in Asheville, we usually had at least one of those every winter. So when we ended up back in Asheville after living in Georgia in 2010, I was so excited about the prospect of snow again! The first winter we were here did not disappoint. We had over 20 inches of snow that winter - including 6 inches on Christmas Day! But the last two winters have been... lame. Super lame. A couple of dustings, but nothing more than an inch. So I was pretty excited when I saw a chance for a couple of inches today, thanks to the winter storm hitting the south. Sure enough it started falling last night, and kept steady throughout the day. So I left work a few hours early, and have enjoyed relaxing at home with the kitties. They tempt me every morning when I leave - they're almost always curled up on the couch together, being cute and snuggly.

Isn't snow beautiful?

Another benefit to a few extra hours at home is, of course, knitting. I was able to finish up the neck and arm edging on my Amherst dress. I'm already in love with this one! This shot is from last night, after I finished seaming it, but before the edging was put on. I finished knitting the back Saturday, all while devouring Sarah Allen Addison's new book, Lost Lake. I picked the book up Friday night at her book reading & signing. I definitely recommend it!

While my dress was drying, I picked up these gloves that I started a while ago (ahem... last year...). I've made my way up to the fingers, and hope to have them finished by the end of the weekend.

{all photos from my instagram page}

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  1. Your living room looks mighty inviting! Between your yarn cubbies and that quilt, I don't think I would be able to get off the sofa!