Hello, June!

I'm struggling with the fact that the year is already halfway over. How did that happen? It's one of those weird things that your grandparents used to always tell you - the older you get, the faster time goes by. It really feels like it was just February.

I apologize for the silence in this space. Life sure has been busy, and blogging is one of the things I've let fall by the wayside. But I'm jumping back in with both feet today, and showing you my most recent finished knit, the Seaboard Tank by Tanis Lavallee.

This little tank top is the perfect knit for summer. It goes well over a tank with jeans, or it can be worn over a dress for a more "adult" look. And even though it took me over a month to knit it, it could have been done quicker. This was my entry into Shannon's Tops Tanks & Tees KAL, and I think it's the first time I've actually finished before the deadline! It helped a lot that I jumped in with a knit already in progress, but hey, a finished project is a finished project.

The project was very straightforward and simple - a section of easy to memorize lace, followed by a section of stockinette, repeat to end. Boom.

I particularly love this side panel. The tank doesn't include any shaping, but I found that this side panel sort of forms to your body shape, giving it a little shaping.

The yarn I used is some of my naturally dyed. It was originally dyed with black beans, but came out more of a grey color than I'd hoped, so I overdyed it with a bit of hibiscus flower, which gave it an ever so subtle purple hue. I really like it, and think it's a great neutral.

I'm officially hooked on knitting summer tops, and have already cast on a Saco Stripes as my second entry in the Tops Tanks and Tees KAL, as well as for a fun KAL with some Instagram buddies. If you're interested in joining (and you should, if you don't have a ton of other projects going on!) you can read more about it in Lesley's Ravelry group

Happy June, everyone. I hope you're enjoying your week!


  1. Woollen Wilderness6/2/15, 5:35 PM

    What a beautiful top! That side panel is indeed very lovely

  2. Your top looks gorgeous and nice and cool for summer. Yes the years seem to be going faster and faster as I get older. I swear it was only February too a little while ago. We are now halfway through the year and so I better start getting ready for Christmas soon.

  3. I've been struggling with the realization that it's already June as well-I feel like I only just set my 2015 intentions! Where does the time go? I love how your tank came out-the color is absolutely perfect :)

  4. Julie Crawford6/3/15, 4:18 PM

    Your Seaboard tank is so, so gorgeous!! I love how it turned out, and the detail on the sides is perfection.

  5. Such a great top!